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Our Network 49 Chicago Municipal Elections Committee recommends endorsement of EdVette Jones, Veronica Arreola, and Marilyn Pagán-Banks to serve on the new Chicago Police 24th District Council. Join us to evaluate these candidates on Wed., Dec. 7 at 6:30pm via Zoom at To review the questionnaire responses from all six council candidates in this election click this link.

Good News! Our political action work is underway for the Chicago Municipal Election scheduled for February 2023. We invite you to attend our Zoom Candidate Interview session on Wed., Dec. 7 at 6:30pm via Zoom at At the session you can evaluate candidates running to serve as members of the new Chicago Police 24th District Council and vote on our Network 49 endorsement.

We all know that Chicago’s election season is always a roller coaster of political activity with a mix of qualified candidates who have earned our support and many others seeking our attention.

Network 49 has never sat on the sidelines during election season. Neither have we simply hoped for the best outcome. Instead, we actively support political candidates, elected officials, issue campaigns, and organizations that are consistent with our goals and we oppose those that don’t. Our political and policy issues work on behalf of our community is grounded in a long history of progressive political action by our members. The foundation of our work is reflected in the Network 49 Values Statement we adopted two years ago. It outlines our progressive posture and goals, and thus informs our work on political and social issues. We sometimes work in collaboration with – but maintain our independence of – political parties.

Our progressive policy orientation informs our evaluation of any person who wants to be elected to public office. Proven track records matter most! In preparing for the Chicago Municipal Election, a recent example of affirming our organization’s fundamental principles was deciding to support the re-election of Network 49 member 49th Ward Alderwoman Maria Hadden.

Our Chicago Municipal Elections Committee has evaluated candidates for the new Chicago Police 24 th District Council and will soon begin evaluating Chicago Mayoral Election candidates. We invite all Network 49 members ( to join this committee and help launch our evaluation of mayoral candidates!

For the police district council election, our committee developed a questionnaire and contacted the six declared candidates seeking to be elected in February. We evaluated the merits of each. reviewed their qualifications, and their questionnaire responses which you can read here.

Our goal was to identify which candidates would be best to effectively engage and communicate with local residents AND to serve as our elected representatives charged with tackling public safety and policing issues with our 24 th  Police District Commander, our police officers, and the new citywide police oversight commission. We studied each candidate’s:

  1. Track record of community experience in the 24 th  Police District
  2. Involvement and activism with residents on local issues
  3. Progressive orientation on promoting public safety and police oversight and accountability
  4. Plans or proposals to address community safety and policing

Our Network 49 Steering Committee reviewed the committee’s work and voted to support its recommendations to endorse three candidates: Veronica Arreola, Marilyn Pagán-Banks, and EdVette Jones. We are confident that their community experience and strong qualifications equip them to serve our community well. Each one brings these strengths to the job:

  • Verified experience in community organizing and working with residents and groups on issues and causes that relate to improving community safety
  • Personal experience with the good and bad in Chicago policing
  • Knowledge and experience with local policing issues and police accountability work
  • A strong commitment to promoting community health, safety, and police professionalism.

To their credit, these three are working together as a candidate slate. They are campaigning together and pledge to keep working as a team if elected. We urge you to review their responses to our questionnaire on our website and then ask your questions at our candidate endorsement interview session on Wed., Dec. 7 at 6:30pm via Zoom at Afterwards, we’ll send you a ballot to vote yes, no, or abstain on giving them our support.

Organizing residents in the 49th Ward.

The Politics Committee is tasked with organizing residents in the 49th Ward to play a more active and engaged role in decisions that impact our community, not least of which is voting. Network 49 is developing a candidate endorsement process for 2018 elections and beyond.

The Politics Committee led the 2017 Community Canvass, has helped co-convene First Mondays at the Heartland Cafe, developed and distributed questionnaires at several gubernatorial candidate forums, and is developing a Candidate Endorsement Process for elections impacting the 49th Ward.

For more information on the Politics Committee, contact co-chairs Kathleen Rose Dillon or Katy Hogan or plan to come to our our next meetings or community activities.

Education Committee

The Education Committee works to combat the negative effects of privatization on our neighborhood schools.

Housing & Community Development

Network 49 favors balanced community development, local small businesses, and diverse housing options benefiting all.

Safe Communities Task Force

A small river named Duden flows by their place and The Network 49 Safe Communities Task Force takes a holistic view towards what makes our community safe.

Politics Committee

The Politics Committee is tasked with organizing residents in the 49th Ward to play a more active and engaged role in decisions that impact our community.

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