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Network 49 is committed to community building and political organizing in the 49th Ward and Rogers Park based on the following Shared Values and Mission Statement:

  1. Network 49 is committed to supporting restorative justice citywide.
  2. Network 49 is committed to police reform and accountability.
    • Network 49 supports the removal of Student Resource Officers (SROs) from Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
    • Network 49 supports CPAC (Civilian Police Accountability Council) and civilian oversight of the Chicago Police Department (CPD)
    • Network 49 supports non-police intervention to help address violence in Rogers Park
    • Network 49 supports divesting funds from the bloated $1.6 billion CPD budget and reinvesting the funds in our community for our needs- including investing in mental health, housing and social services.
  3. Network 49 is committed to securing housing for all as a basic human right.
  1. Network 49 supports lifting the ban on rent control discussions and legislation at the state and city level.
    • Network 49 supports the creation of tenants’ unions, limited equity co-ops, and other affordable housing options in Rogers Park
    • Network 49 supports the use of Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) to protect and grow affordable housing e.g., Obama Center CBA
    • Network 49 supports the Chicago Inclusive Housing Ordinance, which is the new Development for All Ordinance
    • Network 49 supports using tools such as the Network 49 community benefits scorecard to measure if a development will benefit our community
  1. Network 49 is committed to addressing environmental injustice and environmental racism citywide and remains committed to addressing and developing environmental best practices for our Ward and Chicago.
  1. Network 49 is committed to lakefront protection.
  1. Network 49 demands that the city works to get affordable and fresh food options into neighborhoods in need, especially on the South and West sides of the city.
  1. Network 49 is committed to fighting against systemic racism citywide.
  1. Network 49 is committed to fighting for an equitable public health system in Chicago.
    • This includes equitable access to Covid preventative care, vaccinations, and testing.
    • We need a fully funded public health system
    • Public health also means access to vital life necessities like mental health services, food, water, and safe spaces to exercise
  1. Network 49 is committed to fighting economic injustice citywide.
  1. Network 49 supports the demand for the minimum wage to be a living wage.
  1. Network 49 supports safe schools and environments for CPS students and staff, including CTU’s current and ongoing efforts.
  1. Network 49 is committed to demanding equitable and fully funded public schools.
  1. Network 49 is committed to supporting public schools in Chicago by:
    • Calling for a citywide moratorium on school closings and expansion of charter schools and charter networks
    • Calling for the creation of an elected, representative school board (ERSB)
    • Calling for the limitation of standardized testing
    • Demanding culturally sustaining pedagogies and restorative practices be used in CPS
    • Opposing all forms of privatization of public education, including the Invest in Kids Scholarship Tax Credit Program
    • We are committed to eliminating the per pupil funding model. We support the evidence-based funding model

Network 49 Mission Statement

Network 49, a progressive, community-led, political organization committed to organizing and advocating for policies and elected leadership that advance a high quality of community life, benefiting all residents in the 49th Ward of the City of Chicago.

This statement and its various parts will be discussed at our January 30 meeting at 11 am (via Zoom call).

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An email link will be shared upon registration so you can join in our discussion and share your views of this and more.