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A progressive, community-led, political organization.

Network 49 is a progressive, community-led, political organization committed to organizing and advocating for policies and elected leadership that advance a high quality of community life, benefiting all residents in the 49th Ward of the City of Chicago. Key issues of concern are identified by members through open community meetings and prioritized by the Network 49 Steering Committee. Current issues of concern include protecting and supporting neighborhood schools from further privatization and austerity, community safety, and balanced community development. To learn about our work on these issues, click on one of the links or attend one of our upcoming meetings.

Education Committee

The Education Committee works to combat the negative effects of privatization on our neighborhood schools.

Housing & Community Development

Network 49 favors balanced community development, local small businesses, and diverse housing options benefiting all.

Safe Communities Task Force

A small river named Duden flows by their place and The Network 49 Safe Communities Task Force takes a holistic view towards what makes our community safe.

Politics Committee

The Politics Committee is tasked with organizing residents in the 49th Ward to play a more active and engaged role in decisions that impact our community.

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